Hosting account suspended

We’re sorry you have come to this website and found it suspended today. It maybe be back up soon, but unfortunately whilst it is suspended there are no web pages available and no emails can be received at the domain name you were trying to access.

There are only 3 reasons we suspend and then delete accounts.
1) Non-payment,
2) Spamming violations
3) Non-compliance of our policies.

We would ask that all of our clients to understand that just as they must take measures to protect their business, so must we.
We provide hosting services for individuals and businesses, therefore it is necessary for us to establish Policies and Guidelines that will protect both our company as well as those residing on our servers. If we were to alter our policies and guidelines for each situation that may arise in the course of a month, the reason to function as a business would cease to exist.
If your account has been deactivated due to non-payment and you would like to continue with hosting your website please contact billing department: support(at)

If your account has been deactivated deleted due to spamming violations you will not have the opportunity to reactivate your account on our servers. We have a strict non-spamming policy with a zero tolerance. All spamming violators are deactivated and deleted without notice and option of reactivation.